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What is OPUS, and why you choose us?

OPUS provides analysis and solutions for your workforce that give you better decisions and better results. We lighten the talent management burdens from your HR managers, and we help them deliver HR solutions to the line managers, building up trust and respect for HR professionalism.


Established by David Knowles in 2003, the founding vision was a consultancy that provided practical help to HR and to line managers, without confusing issues with too much theory and colorful process models that never resulted in practical change.


OPUS initially focused on soft skills training and organization change, focusing for example on working with PT Badak LNG in developing a 7-year HR strategy, and re-structuring the organization; with Pfizer in assessing the SalesForce, and with Telkomsel on top-level organization change.


To apply that vision OPUS recognized the future of Talent Management would be in workforce analytics driven by new technologies. OPUS partnered with Harrison Assessments to form OPUS Harrison Assessment after considering all the major well-known assessment tools. We are proud to have been a solutions partner for Harrison Assessments since 2008. Since its inception in the 1990s, over two and a half million leaders, top managers, and employees have undergone the Harrison Work Preference Questionnaire to establish job-fit, and build professional development programs.


In 2014 OPUS focused on e-learning, partnering with UK company Reallyenglish in offering high-quality e-learning for General, Academic, and Business English to the education and corporate markets. In 2020 over 6000 students successfully completed OPUS Reallyenglish learning programs.


Moving forward, In both our Talent Management Business and our English Language business, we recognize that learning in the future will be BLENDED LEARNING – and through blended learning and use of collaboration technologies, the learning impact and volume of participants will increase to the benefit of many thousands more leaders, managers, employees and students.

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